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  • Please upload dawbauchee spectre car

  • @TMB Isn't that a car that is already in the game?

  • my gta 5 can't connect with internet that's why i need this car or car files

  • @TMB But GTAV has to connect to the internet for activation...

    But nobody will upload the original game files on the forums, it's not allowed as that can be seen as direct copyright infringement. Only modified game files are allowed.

  • @TobsiCred lol. talk about Backdoors :P

  • @TobsiCred what makes the mode so great. is not the amount of changes in the mode. but the awesome functionality and pure features it brings to gta 5. the experience of those wipers. moving in rain . is just price less.! i support that mod . and respect the people behind it. they worked really hard on it.

  • @TobsiCred i agree.

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