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[SOLVED] Update destroy my mods folder

  • When The Update Came every time i log in to the game with mods folder it crash(add-ons packs) when i deleted the update.rpf the game work so i did new update.rpf and install only 1 add-on it crashed again idk why (i didnt copy the new update.rpf at first and i try to log in with the old rpf it crash but with a clean new rpf it didnt crash)

  • As far as I know, the addon packs are only included in the gameconfig files, dlc files, and small files. Assuming that you have a mods folder, you can easily delete your current mod folder and make a new one. Just make a backup of your current mods folder, validate files on Steam/or "repair" from disk. You can start from scratch again.

    You have only one addon car? Or is it pack?

  • @Jerry9090 its a pack i will try

  • OR maybe I'm wrong. Addon packs have an infamous tendency to crash due to a bad game config. Try this https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars. Might work?

  • @TobsiCred Addon packs usually have nothing to do with scripthook. Scripthook is usually only utilized when you require a script to spawn the addon cars in traffic. Most of the time, addon packs only have a modified "traffic" file that spawns the game's addon cars naturally within the game's limitations. My best guess is a bad gameconfig file.

  • @J9090 everything work the problem was the gameconfig i now use the normal gameconfig and it works fine

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