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Rockstar Editor

  • I see a lot of people doing video on youtube and using Rockstar Editor on offline game missions. I wanted to know how to do this because I tried and warned that I can not change the angle of the camera. But other people can do that. Anyone have any tips or know how? Is there any mod for this? So I can edit the angle of the camera in clips made in the missions. Thank you and thank you, if anyone knows ...

  • @leoobarreto If you recorded in first person, you won't be able to change the camera angle in any way.

    OpenIV's Open Camera feature removes the camera limitations in Editor. Still it won't unlock clips recorded in first person view .
    Go to OpenIV/Tools/ASI Manager and install OpenCamera.

  • I did not record in the first person. But I recorded a clip of a mission and at the time of editing I could not change the angle of the camera. As for example this video does

    Thank you very much for the tip @Akila_Reigns

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