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Solutions of Constant Chinese advertisement showing up in this section?

  • These days whenever I get in the forum there's always the jerk posting advertisements about university diploma and shit stuff in chinese...
    Dont he even know this site's major language is english ? XD
    This guy is a shame os China...
    I noticed that he has changed accounts so I believe @Rappo has banned his account right?but he keeps doing this,is there a way to ban his IP ?
    Or I can help to keep an eye on his ads and delete them...I dunno why but I just always bump into this guy posting these shit

  • @Elope There's a constant flow of them every night. They don't care what language the forum speaks, they just get tasked with posting the messages on as many sites as possible.

    I reported them to the department of education here in the UK and there has just been a massive operation that has shut down a huge number of those sites across the world, something like 500 sites in total, including in China.

  • I might need to put everyone's first post on the forums into a moderation queue. Will see what my options are on NodeBB.

  • @LeeC2202 Well I reported this guy's account on QQ (chinese whatsapp) a week ago and it's banned so I guess they just used another account....just so shameful to see shit stuff posted on this forum in your mother language

  • @Elope They just create another random hotmail or outlook account, it's so easy to create an account, it's not even a problem. Or they can just bulk buy a few million email addresses and have as many as they like.

    Spamming makes money and whatever makes money will attract people, it's the sad nature of the beast these days. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah...Scroll them...

  • @Elope We delete such posts and ban the spammers as soon as we see them, but they create another account, usually very similar to the old one and continue spamming. This is not the only site they're spamming.

  • @Elope usually the posts get deleted with in 15 minutes. by us moderators or rappo. so its going okay i think. but i like @rappo 's idea about adding initial posts into moderation. that will slow them down.

  • @Frazzlee they banned me once, because my GF reported me, for trolling her. lol we are together now. and i made a new QQ.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Best love story I've heard so far. :)

  • @Frazzlee Start trolling. ;)

  • only troll for the ones who are worth it. i saw her, and i knew she was worth it. when i met her for the first time. i realized it was definitely worth it. let's not take the thread off topic.

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