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[SOLVED] I need help with GTA5 installation!!

  • guys can help me with the installation of Gta5 ?
    I restored the computer a few days ago , and so I installed the game again , but the dvd 2 tells me data3.dat error , so I tried to download gta5 from social clubs servers but my connection does not hold the 65GB , I do not I know you do, can you help?

  • Hello davi2224

    I have never got Gta V from a disk. I recommend that you switch to steam for a more reliable service. When I was younger, I used Gta 4 in a disk. I sometimes got an error like that. I easily solved the problem by
    1.)waiting for the disk to load
    2.)Manually/Auto click on the disk for installation
    3.)No bugs.

    This process may be different from Gta V but the installation for games that have multi disks are mostly the same.

    From J

    P.S: You are posting at the wrong forum section. Try the official forum for these problems on this site.

  • @J9090
    where do I find this topic ?

  • My bad. I mean forum. Post it here. "Mod Installation Help & Troubleshooting"

  • I moved the topic for you

  • @rappo thank you

  • @davi2224 if you cannot download the game from online servers like steam, rockstar social club or torrents. you can try to Clean your dvd with a perfume. just spray 2 times on top of the cd. and clean it with a clean piece of cloth. we used to have DVD's 5 years back and this trick always works. p.s who uses DVD's now a days!

  • @FoxtrotDelta i try, now i'm downloading dvd1

  • @davi2224 i think you mean, you are installing DVD1 right now. and DVD3 has error. hmm okay Good luck.

  • @FoxtrotDelta yes, exactly

  • @FoxtrotDelta it's working! thank you :)

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