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Game Crashes, replacing gameconfig doesn't help.

  • Not only does it crash but the little time I can play I notice that the speedometer gets really blurry randomly and my phone screen does too in First Person.

    The only Mods I have installed are Redux, the GTA_V_Honda_Civic_Si car, 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 [Vans123] and the-Huracan lp610-4 spyder_1.1.
    The game keeps crashing. I am on the mission Exile for Michael.
    How do I fix this so I can beat story mode?

  • Remove mods
    Redux is a piece of crap and it might be the reason

  • @zhaulted

    Redux use a effect in first person.
    inside the folder you have to search for dof or blurry shit and instal that over the file's it's all in the folder...
    About the crashes. You are probably using the shaders that causes the crash.
    Remove the shaders and the crash will be gone!

  • Redux has nothing to do with the crash,unless your pc can't handle it.Speedometer always crashes my game so i suggest you to remove it and try the game? and not all gameconfig work,try and look for the latest gta v import and export update.

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