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Game Crashes, replacing gameconfig doesn't help.

  • Not only does it crash but the little time I can play I notice that the speedometer gets really blurry randomly and my phone screen does too in First Person.

    The only Mods I have installed are Redux, the GTA_V_Honda_Civic_Si car, 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 [Vans123] and the-Huracan lp610-4 spyder_1.1.
    The game keeps crashing. I am on the mission Exile for Michael.
    How do I fix this so I can beat story mode?

  • Remove mods
    Redux is a piece of crap and it might be the reason

  • Redux has nothing to do with the crash,unless your pc can't handle it.Speedometer always crashes my game so i suggest you to remove it and try the game? and not all gameconfig work,try and look for the latest gta v import and export update.

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