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[SCRIPT] ... that alters the ped behavior after an accident

  • I always hated how GTA drivers are behaving after accidents - I've got a few ideas - I don't know - maybe someone wants to take a look?

    First of all, would be awesome to have a script stopping those drivers from dying behind the wheel after a little rear-end collision...

    Also, if these stupid peds survived those accidents they're just continue driving like nothing happens - no matter if their car is completely fucked up or their front-seat passenger died in the accident...

    Watch Dogs did this pretty well - people turned their hazards on and just waited - or stepped out of their vehicles to take a look at the damage.

    These few features would actually be pretty damn awesome - some other features like EMS arriving on the scene, people are entering taxis if their cars are completely wrecked up and so on would also be cool just to name a few things that also could be implemented - anyway, if anyone manages to create this kind of Watch Dogs styled script ... :)

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