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Turned a addon into a replace now car flips

  • I finally figured out how to turn my addon subaru sti into a replace. I replaced the sultan rs but now the car flips everytime i take a turn.i tried messing with the handling but the i xant find handling for the the sultan rs just the regular sultan. Anybody have any ideas on how to get this thing to not flip over?

  • Okay i put the car as the regular sultan what values should i change

  • @Kenny93 when you take an add on car and turn it into replace version. all you have to to is copy and paste handling.meta lines exactly into the handling meta for that replace vehicle file. only leave the name of replace vehicle same. you cannot change names of replace vehicles. okay after this,

    step 2, do the same thing with vehicles.meta file copy all of add on lines into replace car's vehicles.meta file except the name ofcourse. and the repalce car should work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta where do i find the handling and vehicle files for the addon car i didnt see it in the download file

  • @Kenny93 You'll have to install the add-on through OpenIV and then you'll be able to access the files within the .rpf archive - one of them should be the handling.

  • @FoxtrotDelta okay i will try it when i get home and let you know if it worked for me. Thank you for your help

  • @Kenny93 when you open the add on mod using openiv software, you can go inside dlc.rpf of the add on mod and look inside folder named common some where inside you can find two files. handling.meta and vehicles.meta. but if you are new to modding. it will take some patience and time. it's no easy feat. but its not too complicated either. be patient if you are new to this.

    Remember you need to edit both. handling.meta and vehicles.meta files. only one being edited does not do the job.


    @rappo @Kenny93 @FoxtrotDelta Not really needed to install the Add-On to see all the content, OpenIV is able to open individually dlc.rpf files from a RAR/ZIP.

  • @Reyser that was just an example. for a beginner.

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