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Automatic emergency-lights

  • For sure it is not hard to someone to make a script that puts on emergency lights/alarm lights on a vehicle automatically when a collision happens.

  • @Alekseyys Interesting, in-fact, I already have made the code back, when I released my mod of car mechanic. If you wish, you could try that out, else, if you wish an entirely stand alone mode, I could make one for you, it's just piece of code I will have to drag from my orignal script. Let me know. (:

  • @Alekseyys @Rjvisser01 in deed it is interesting. How about making an entirely new mod? By adding couple of more features to it? I was working on this mod and had a beta to try and test it myself.

    Where, Just like in real world, if accident takes place on road, most of the times, people run away, but there at times, few of them who show the courtesy to check on both the victims and the vehicle.

    So, features I planned to added to my mod,

    1. Realistic collision effect by adding 2 lines of script. Which makes vehicle look more damaged.

    2. If you notice, in GTA World, peds just run away even if you do a simple burnout or drift, let collision alone be aside. So, next up was adding/changing ped's behaviour to the situation. In case, collision happens, peds will now most likely stare in shock, and some will run to you/your car, perform a sequence of animations, while some few will try to call the emergency services.(Police, Medical Services)

    3. Adding a fire script as well, in rare cases, if collision is severe, mod will add the fire script in which case, player can be rag-dolled to the ground unconscious. Peds in this scenario will call up cops, medical services and a fire truck.

    4. Upon accident or collision, a forced script can be added, where instead of running away, player character now will exit the vehicle and examine it, at random times, will pick up the fight with other car(if any) was included in the collision. This can be make of user's choice though to enable/disable this function.

    and afcourse, your initial request, Hazard lights on collision will be included in all the scenarios. :D

  • @ashishcw Sounds real good.

  • @Alekseyys I am working on some other project at this moment, but will pick this up once, I am done with the current one. (:

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