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willing to pay someone to teach me to mod gta online without getting banned

  • as the topic say im willing to pay someone to teach me how to mod online
    thank you in advance

  • @RandyChoppers Sorry. No. Just... no... Modding in Gta Online is (practically) illegal and will land you into deep trouble. Do not do that.
    Try one of the mods on this site that offers an online experience. Whenever it is a mod that simulates multiplayer into single-player(1) or multiplayer non-Rockstar servers(2), you will be able to use mods there without landing in to trouble(much).

    SIDENOTE___: This is not legal advise no advice from an attorney. This is advice from a fellow Gta V modder.


  • Like Jerry above said, I would really recommend not to mod in GTA Online. It really isn't worth the ban. Not to mention, once you get 3 bans you have to buy the game again + create a new Social Club account (and Steam account if you buy the game via Steam)

  • Looks like I have a new item to add to the rules...

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