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Old mod versions

  • Just curious, why there are no older versions of the mods available? I mean sometimes you may not like features that author introduced with newer version, want to re-download older one and stick with it, or newer appeared buggy and old one was fine and more stable.

    On several modding websites (like Nexus f.e.) there are usually archive for older versions, I keep some mods of my own there too, and people sometimes find older versions better than new ones.

    Any ideas?

  • @Forrest-Gimp Speaking from both sides of the fence on this one as I create and use mods.

    As a user I consider it my responsibility to make sure I keep the old versions of a mod until I am absolutely sure I am happy with the new versions.

    As a creator of mods, I archive every release as both a source archive and a build archive and any user can ask for an older version and I will provide it.

    But I think version handling should be in the hands of the user and the mod author. If a version is buggy, then the author has a responsibility/obligation to fix that and users should be encouraged to report bugs, to get a version that is as stable as the older version.

    So if someone asks me for an older version, my first question will be to ask why they made the request and what can I do to fix it. I will still provide the older version to them but I will work on fixing the new version as well.

    This is what I have for my three mods.


  • @LeeC2202
    I see your point, but we should take into account that modders are just people and they mostly work for free (donations can't be considered as a salary), so they might be too busy or just don't have any desire to work on fixing newer version further, etc. And all people are different. I admire that you're responsible for your works, but not all modders are like you.

    There's another specific thing with GTA V going on. Because R* doesn't allow mods in Multiplayer, some of us have to keep two different versions of the game on the hard drive to not have to swap all the time and don't have risk to get banned. The one I use for SP I update only when I see fit, because f.e. Import/Export didn't bring something so incredible in the game, so I have to move another 80+ GBs on the HDD and mess with mods again, everything works well as it is for me now, plus some mods I use still haven't been updated to Import/Export so I wait, and I think I'm not the only one who keeps it that way.

    Just would be good to see same mod versions order in files as seen on your screenshots on this website. :smile:

  • @Forrest-Gimp I understand what you're saying from the modder's perspective but what about the users? Doesn't some of it fall on them to store the older versions? Would it not seem a reasonable idea, that when a user downloads a new version of a mod, they copied the old one into a folder for older versions, instead of the Recycle Bin?

    So while modders might be too busy or have no desire to provide fixes, users merely need to copy a file somewhere... that seems such a small ask in return for the hours/weeks/months that the modders put in.

    I'm honestly not trying to dismiss your idea, I'm just concerned that the more responsibility we take away from the users, the more they are going to get used to not having to be responsible for things. Considering what this site already provides, both as a platform for creators and a resource for users (and for free), I just wonder if "backup service" isn't something more than it needs to be.

    Or maybe the internet is just making me even more cynical than I already was and I'm too used to this Devil's advocate outfit. :D

  • @LeeC2202
    Yes, you're right, I always try to keep older mod versions on my HDD, both mine or ones I download, and I do not post here because I have a problem looking for older version of some mod as it may seem, I was just curious about general idea or policy of it here, like maybe restricted server capacity, afterthought or was it the idea from the start? It strikes me as pretty unusual, because on most other modding sites it's pretty common to have file history stored, but not here (not trying to say other sites are better or something). I just think allowing user access to older versions might solve some issues for users themselves and save mod authors from some pain as well.

    Anyway, thanks for your input. Cheers. :smiley:

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