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[Vehicle] Looking for Nissan 350z and Toyota Supra Addons

  • ...preferably with high quality interior. For some reason can't find those myself, so would be grateful for some tips.

    As a side note, just curious, is it possible to rename addon vehicle? Like, for example I want Toyota Supra to be named in game like Karin ~something~ and Nissan as Annis ~something~ for immersion reasons. Is that possible?


  • This is pretty much guaranteed to be decent as well https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-350z

  • @ReNNie
    Cool, exactly what I wanted, thanks!

    Looks really great but it says it replaces Annis Elegy, I can't do this, I love this car too... :confused:


    You can easily convert the 350z to an Add-on yourself. I did.

  • @Forrest-Gimp You're right... don't know how I missed that part of your topic title, sorry. :(

    As @ReNNie says though, you can create your own addon, it just takes a little time and patience. It's worth learning how to do that as it opens up far more options than a simple replace will, like custom handling.


    How to create your own add-on:

    >>> and read up here http://gtaforums.com/topic/816823-adding-cars-with-dlc-pack-working-template/

    I just use a template (an empty dlc.rpf) and then rename the files I download.
    So eg when the replacement is for the Sultan I copy the entire vehicles.meta to the folder containing the downloaded files and delete all entries execpt for the sultan. Then I rename certain links to the name I want the car to have (also spawn-name)

    Look very closely at various dlc.rpf's from Add-On cars what other changes you have to maken in the content.xml and setup.xml (there you have to input how the dlc itself is named and then use that name as a reference in the dlclist.xml)
    Altering carcols, carvariations etc has a steep learning curve at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

    I currently have 60 custom dlc's organized per car-manufacter and/or type. So one dlc that holds all ferarri's, one for all musclecars, one for all supercars etc. After each import I test the car (does it spawn correct, is the handling correct, does the tuning work, do I like the first color is spawns with...)

  • @ReNNie
    Whow, that's pretty useful, it'll take me some time of figuring out but I think I can handle it, thanks.

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