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FPS Drop GTA 5 with The Flash Mod, Iron Man Mod, Ghostrider Mod ... etc

  • Hello everyone,

    First of all sorry if this is a bad section as I'm new to this forum.
    I'm kind of desperate so I thought I would ask my question here.

    I installed The Flash, GhostRider, Iron Man mod by JulioNIB, however I don't know if I have some problems.

    I'm usually at 70 fps but whever I load the script (The flash suit for example), I lose 15-20 fps so i'm at 50 fps.
    Then when I run, I get a loss of 10 fps again so I'm at 40 and with the maximum speed I am at 28-30 fps.

    Considering I normally run the game at 70 fps, it is a 40 fps loss which is so HUGE.

    Same for Iron Man mod, whenever I start the script, I get loss of 30 fps.

    Is that normal ? Does anyone who have the following script can answer me ?

    Thanks you again !

  • Could be due to the high quality textures used in those player models.
    And as for the running, that may be because of the particle effects and the fact that textures have to load up fast.

  • @Antho789 please remove scripts folder from your game. cut paste it some where else. temporarily and run the game without it. please let us know if you still experience FPS drops doing same activities without scripts folder.

  • Hi. Thanks for replies. However I don't understand your reply, how do you want me to try the mod without the Script folder ?

    Problem only happens when using The Flash speed or using Iron Man/GhostRider mod.

    Without mod I am not experiencing any fps issues.

    However, all people who have this script told me they dont loose fps when using extra flash speed

    I don't really know where the problem can come from..

  • @MAFINS Yes but then everyone would have this problem...

  • Please anone who use this mod tell me if you have this problem !

  • @Antho789 you should Tag the Author of the mod here in this case. he shall be in a better position to answer your question.

  • I already asked him but he does not know .. Anyone have this script ? it's the best mod for GTA5 are you serious lol? Use it fellows

  • Still looking for a solution. Anyone here use this mod?

  • @Antho789 just keep bumping it every day. someone might have a clue.

  • @Antho789 Im pretty sure the abilities in all mods like that drop fps. I installed the Flash mod and I used turbo speed stuff and got an fps drop.

  • @bur587 can you list your system specs? I also get a huge frame drop and to my knowledge it could be because of hardware

  • @Arso-k I have a GTX 1070 but I used to play gta 5 with my 960 around 70 fps but I dropped to low 40s with his fastest ability.

  • @bur587 yea same here, I get around 60 but it drops to 30 when I run faster. I think that might be happening to everyone who uses this mod

  • I have thus same problem with The Flash mod v 2.5.4 and I dont know why it happens. When ever I equip the suit with addon peds there is no lag but when I equip it in the flash mod menu it drops my fps from 120 to 30. I think it may have something to do with direct x but I still dont know. I have been trying the game with almost everything disabled but still nothing. I think what I might do next is find a gta 5 debugger and try that to see if it could find any possible arguments. But I wouldn't think its because of the high quality textures because I run my game on ultra all the time. If anyone knows about this problem please do post it.

  • So I narrowed down the problem to TFlash.net.dll . Stay tuned as I find a fix for this.

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