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[SCRIPT] Survival Mode in Single Player (The 9 Maps and new Ideas)

  • Well, that's pretty simple and clear.
    I've been a fan of the Survival Mode since GTA V put it in on work, and that's been my method to get money at the same time I enhance my shooting skills and etc.

    However, due to Rockstar's focus on the rest of the cashing out updates they keep sending, the lack of interest on such a good mode has been a personal issue for me, and I believe that a good amount of people would've loved more maps and more difficult strategies.

    I want the Survival Mode In Single Player, with all the specifications that were applied.
    • The 10 waves with the body counter (The Red bar located on the bottom right corner)
    • The 9 maps put on the game (Sandy Shores, Sawmill, Legion Square, Boneyard, Railyard, Maze Bank, the Perro Pier, Industrial Park and Processed), but with a little bit of enhancements for the better strategy and fast thinking for the best of the experience.
    • New difficulty and tweaks like weaponry, usage of grenades, molotovs and great AI. (By wave 4, a helicopter was sent. The same with wave 7 -in case you guys played survival on solo-. More Helicopters and usage of DLC Armored Cars for the sake of the enjoyment.

    But also, well thats for my case.

    • New maps for the enjoyment. Suggestions would be:

    • Altruist Camp Survival
    • Construction Building Survival (get to the top and defeat everyone. Ten rouns, go to the next marker to start the next wave)
    • Paleto Bay Survival (In the middle of the Paleto Bay Bank aftermath (Using the Paleto Score modifications)
    • Fort Zancudo Survival
    • LS Naval Port Survival (Fully loaded with Merryweather enemies)
    • Grove Street Survival (Homage to classics)
    • LS Canal Survival (The giant Canal around the LS River
    • Underground Tunnel Survival.
    • Humane Labs Survival
    • and so on

    •New Enemies! (Improved HP and ressistance to be killed) Since the update there have been tons and tons of new tweaks as new enemies were put on the following missions.
    • Use the Ballas and the GSFamilies! (One per wave and final waves all of them trying to clap you)
    • The Professionals and the Merryweather
    • Merryweather mostly
    • Hipsters survival!
    • The Army
    • The Madrazo Cartel! Damn I loved all the endless waves! but mashed up with the Marabunta Grande
    • Vagos and Aztecas! (One Per Wave and final waves mashed up)
    • Clown survival
    • Armenians, italians and the professionals
    • The Triads and Khangpae
    •Enemies using powerful vehicles on waves! Insurgents, Technicals, Buzzards, Turreted Limos, All weaponized dlc vehicles.

    Well, the goal is to make this a real challenge.

    I'm also willing to donate like...30 dollars if you really can make it real.


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