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Dropped fps ((

  • Hii

    Please help me anyone, i have fps problem, firstly when im playing gta 5 few minute after my fps more dropping and increasing lags. I think that is more cpu reason, cuz my cpu loading 80-98% . My gpu working perfect.

    Is fps dropping global problem in gta 5 ?

    This is my spec.
    Amd athlon x4 640 3.0 Gh.z 4 core
    Gtx 650 (i bought today)
    4 corsair ram .
    I think that spec is enough for 1200x700 resolution , but i still getting lag..

  • @toqchista please let me know, what settings are you trying to run the game on? besides resolution. please paste complete detail.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    i have off all graphic function, i have everything low without light and resolution;

    light i have rise up until middle;
    resolution is 1200x700 ;
    firstly gta 5 working perfect almost all resolution and about 5 minute then im getting fps dropping; at the time im getting almost all resolution fps droping;

  • @toqchista Have you installed any graphics mods?

  • @toqchista gtx 650 is not a very powerful card. but i think it should give you atleast 30 fps on those settings. and the second thing. your Cpu is very weak too. it's not a good combination. but with these low settings you should get atleast 30 fps. without any mods installed. do you have scripts or graphics mods installed?

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    no i dont have any graphic mods, but general i have mods;

    why is my CPU weak? it is 3.0 ghz and 4 core ;
    sometime my fps dropping down 30 fps;

  • @toqchista just being a 4 core and 3 ghz doesn't mean its equal to a 6th gen 4 core intel cpu.
    AMD Athlon II X4 series was very weak for the games even in its time. it's getting old now. the cpu. but you should be able to play 30 fps easily on that resolution and those low settings. there must be something eating up resources. how much is your RAM? is it atleast 4 gb?

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    my ram is 4 gb , no i dont have problem with ram ; it working perfect, it isn't full at the time playing;

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    i have question to you, my steam account stolen and i can't recovery, there was my gta 5 and still can't play gta 5 store mode ? i just want playing with skins(mod), i think last downloaded gta 5 from steam was latest version of gta 5 ;

  • @toqchista Maybe high quality replace vehicles are dropping your FPS.
    Have you installed any texture mods?
    Or maybe background processes are slowing down the game.
    I also get FPS drops, and I have a GTX 1080. So most likely its mods causing this issue.

    The best solution is to upgrade your PC.

    The best specs for running GTA V with mods are GTX 970 or higher, an overclock-able processor (4770K, 6700K, 6850K are the best I know) and 8-16GB RAM.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    i dont have intalled texture mod;

    today already upgrade, i bought gtx 650 )
    i wanted 750 ti but it was sold;

    so i want play with mod gta and for that i must have very strong pc ?

  • @toqchista Just get a i5 with 3.2 GHz , 8gb RAM and a 1050ti or used 750ti. I had something similar and was able to play in 1080p with 60fps. Or some AMD six core with 3.5GHz+. It will cost some amount of money but it will be worth it.

  • @toqchista Depends on what mods you And what resolution you would like to play games.

    I have replaced almost every road, tree, grass, billboard, vehicle textures and I use Redux mixed with other few things. And I play on 2160p with everything maxed out, so I will need a monster PC to run my game.

    Your PC is fine as long as you don't increase in game graphics and use graphics/textures mods. And don't replace vanilla vehicles with high quality models, it will decrease FPS massively.

    Upgrading your graphics card will increase your FPS massively, even if you don't upgrade other things.
    GTX 960, 970, 1050ti, 1060 will be great.

  • @toqchista said in Dropped fps ((:

    i have question to you, my steam account stolen and i can't recovery, there was my gta 5 and still can't play gta 5 store mode ? i just want playing with skins(mod), i think last downloaded gta 5 from steam was latest version of gta 5 ;

  • @Akila_Reigns

    i have spiderman costume, mcqueen cars and cheat from trainer;

  • @toqchista The specs Kwebbl said are very good. And for the Steam problem, I'm sorry, I don't know what to do. Mine was never stolen. Have you asked Valve about this?

  • @Akila_Reigns said in Dropped fps ((:

    Have you asked Valve about this?

    im waiting;

  • @Frazzlee
    so i bought accounts from other person and probably he sent request that i want my account recovery, he know account's old email ;

  • @toqchista after purchasing the account you didn't change the email and password on it? that's what they wan't you to do.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    of course i changed it; password, email, name, phone, everything what i could i did'

    but probably really acccount owner sent request to steam that recovery my account, he can do it, cuz he know account old email;

  • @Akila_Reigns
    so still can't i on my PC run gta 5 without lag ?
    i want 1200x700 resolution and little light;


    When I had my HD7870 I wasn't able to run GTA V very smoothly, even with Normal-"a bit high" graphics on 1280x1024 (although this gpu is on the Recommended requirements). More or less, your GTX650 is about half powerful the HD7870. They are some mods/configs around gta5-mods for low-end pcs, IDK how well they work, you might take a look.

  • @EnforcerZhukov

    i want like skins:

    that require more spec PC ?

  • how to do camera like that ?

  • @toqchista with rockstart editor.

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