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Dropped fps ((

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    can i change camera from rockstar ?

  • @toqchista i mean, the video was made with rocstar editor. and in rockstar editor you can change cameras anywhere and anyway you like.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Dropped fps ((:

    rocstar editor

    wow, i checked in video and i liked it ;
    so can i take video F1 in gta 5 without any sofT ?

  • @toqchista yes you can record the video or action reply. by F1 key or sometimes alt+f1 key . after the clip has been recorded. you can go to rockstar editor and start editing that clip, with camera angles, text , sounds / music . visual effects etc.

    no other software needed. just rockstar editor. thanks to rockstar guys.

    you can see my videos on my youtube channel or my mods pages, i use rockstar editor for them. plus

    @Richie01 check out his youtube, he has one of the best videos made by rockstar editor. best videos man. check em out. once you have time.

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    when i was recording video fraps on gta 5 im getting lag and low fps, maybe f1 record video won't get me low fps or lag; )

    i check that video, it is nice;

    i dont know what do i do ? i dont have gta 5, ( i would play gta 5 story mode with my mods; all no-more can't play without steam ?


    @toqchista said in Dropped fps ((:


    i want like skins:

    that require more spec PC ?

    I think It depends on the skins (models) themselves, each model has a quality and resolution, high quality models require more (better) graphics hardware

  • @EnforcerZhukov

    no bro ; today i observe and discorver then something;

    when im in aeroport my fps is 120, 1200x700 resolution and when im going to any city(town place) my fps dropping(30 fps and more low;) and my cpu more load at the time also cpu more load but gpu load drop, cuz cpu is hight loaded;

    my problem is cpu, and where are more build,people,cars and e.t.c there is more lag;

    can i take out build from game ?

  • Ok so here are some resolutions.

    1)Obvious yet unlikely get new parts. Recommend ram or a gpu because gta primarily uses this.

    2)Settings. If you are trying to do something like run gta at 4K change your settings. Since you have a nvidia card download geforce experience, it has a great optimization feature so you can get the best performance out of your rig.

    3)Don't stress your pc. Kill as many tabs or background tasks that you don't need while playing gta, this frees some ram and CPU usage.

    4)Viruses. Viruses can slow down your pic heavily. Have you downloaded anything suspicious recently? I recommend getting a antivirus and scanning your pc (don't get some random one because they can be viruses themselves.

    5)Low performance mods. There are many of these on this site for low ram and gta specs. If your pc can straight up not run gta these may help. All though not an outstanding experience it can make the game playable.

    6)I saw something about you saying you have a hacked steam account or something of that nature. Contact steam because they can most likely help.

    7)Graphics mods. No reshade or enb or any type of graphic enhancement mods.

    These are the issues I could think of and hopefully this helps.

  • @Orangade
    Firstly thnx for reply..

    When im playing gta, i dont have run anything on background, only i have run system, fraps,afterburner. I dont know what should i take out from task manager. More i think explorer , at the time playing, i dont need explorer. But it wont get me better result. Also i dont have problem with ram, i have cranched up page file(virtual ram) my ram flip up until 90%.
    My main problem is cpu load, cuz when cpu is loaded high at the moment gpu arent able load maximum.

    But anyway i still thinking that i have fine cpu for gta 5 , still 1200x700 resolutionn.

    I dont have viruses, more i think maybe i have trojan, cuz i have installed MSE and it showing me that i dont have any viruses .
    I will try run game from geforce soft, i only tried from razor soft.

    If i try max resolution in aeroport then i wont get lag, im sure . There arent nothing without sky or plans ).

  • @toqchista Could you post some pictures of your graphic settings? And the advanced graphic settings? There are some options I turned off because it eats so much CPU power. My CPU is relativley bad compared to my GPU.

  • @Kwebbl

    i bought CPU: I5 2400

    and i got good result; right now i can play gta 5 1920-1080 resolution but i can't lift quality or texture; it is already because of gtx 650 ;

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