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[Reference] Map Zone Names and Zone Labels

  • I've just had to collect a set of zone names from the game for people wanting to add more zones to my dirty cars mod, so while I was at it, I collected the Zone Labels at the same time. Seeing as I have it, I thought I might as well share it in case anyone else wanted to use this data for any mod.

    The first column is used for comparing against the World.GetZoneNameLabel() function and the second column for the World.GetZoneName() function. If you notice, there are actually two Banham Canyon zones.

     ALAMO		Alamo Sea 
     ALTA		Alta 
     BHAMCA		Banham Canyon 
     BANHAMC	Banham Canyon 
     BANNING	Banning 
     JAIL		Bolingbroke Penitentiary 
     BRADP		Braddock Pass 
     BURTON		Burton 
     CALAFB		Calafia Bridge 
     CCREAK		Cassidy Creek 
     CHAMH		Chamberlain Hills 
     CMSW		Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness 
     CHU		Chumash 
     CYPRE		Cypress Flats 
     DAVIS		Davis 
     ZQ_UAR		Davis Quartz 
     DELPE		Del Perro 
     DELBE		Del Perro Beach 
     DOWNT		Downtown 
     DTVINE		Downtown Vinewood 
     EAST_V		East Vinewood 
     EBURO		El Burro Heights 
     ELGORL		El Gordo Lighthouse 
     ELYSIAN	Elysian Island 
     ARMYB		Fort Zancudo 
     GALFISH	Galilee 
     DESRT		Grand Senora Desert 
     GRAPES		Grapeseed 
     GREATC		Great Chaparral 
     golf		GWC and Golfing Society 
     HARMO		Harmony 
     HAWICK		Hawick 
     HUMLAB		Humane Labs and Research 
     LMESA		La Mesa 
     LOSPUER	La Puerta 
     LAGO		Lago Zancudo 
     LDAM		Land Act Dam 
     LACT		Land Act Reservoir 
     LEGSQU		Legion Square 
     KOREAT		Little Seoul 
     AIRP		Los Santos International Airport 
     STAD		Maze Bank Arena 
     MIRR		Mirror Park 
     SKID		Mission Row 
     MORN		Morningwood 
     MTCHIL		Mount Chiliad 
     MTGORDO	Mount Gordo 
     MTJOSE		Mount Josiah 
     MURRI		Murrieta Heights 
     NOOSE		N.O.O.S.E. 
     NCHU		North Chumash 
     PBLUFF		Pacific Bluffs 
     OCEANA		Pacific Ocean 
     PALETO		Paleto Bay 
     PALCOV		Paleto Cove 
     PALFOR		Paleto Forest 
     PALMPOW	Palmer-Taylor Power Station
     PALHIGH	Palomino Highlands 
     PBOX		Pillbox Hill 
     ZP_ORT		Port of South Los Santos 
     PROCOB		Procopio Beach 
     DELSOL		Puerto Del Sol 
     RANCHO		Rancho 
     CANNY		Raton Canyon 
     RTRAK		Redwood Lights Track 
     MOVIE		Richards Majestic 
     RICHM		Richman 
     RGLEN		Richman Glen 
     ROCKF		Rockford Hills 
     WINDF		RON Alternates Wind Farm 
     SanAnd		San Andreas 
     SANCHIA	San Chianski Mountain Range 
     SANDY		Sandy Shores 
     SLAB		Stab City 
     STRAW		Strawberry 
     TATAMO		Tataviam Mountains 
     TERMINA	Terminal 
     TEXTI		Textile City 
     TONGVAH	Tongva Hills 
     TONGVAV	Tongva Valley 
     VESP		Vespucci 
     BEACH		Vespucci Beach 
     VCANA		Vespucci Canals 
     VINE		Vinewood 
     CHIL		Vinewood Hills 
     HORS		Vinewood Racetrack 
     WVINE		West Vinewood 
     ZANCUDO	Zancudo River 

  • I've just found this image online which is a perfect companion to this data. Beware, it's a pretty big image at full size.

    alt text

  • Splendid!

    It be better if you post this section http://gtaforums.com/forum/371-documentation/

    More enlightenment for the ignorants

  • @cyberzone2 I don't particularly like that forum to be honest... so I think I picked the best place for it here.

    This is where I host my mods and get most of my help, so it seems more fitting to add to the information on this site for the users here. I'm sure if it's wanted on that site, it'll get there one way or another. it's not as if it's something I created, I just collected the information that was in the game. Either that or they can come here and read it. :slight_smile:

    I don't actually know whether anyone else sees any use for this kind of information, I just find it extremely useful and as I have it, I might as well share it just in case. I have another file that has the location and model for every CCTV camera in the game... that just might be a bit too much of a niche document though. :D

  • Then this forum need a section for documentation

  • @LeeC2202 keep em coming. very useful indeed. i shall bookmark right now. Thank you for sharing. please keep on sharing new findings.

  • For those in search for a up2date dump of all zones (names & labels), here you go: https://github.com/DurtyFree/gta-v-data-dumps/blob/master/zones.json


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