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Bringing back this old topic. But for a different reason.

  • There really needs to be some sort of way to stop modders from doing this, but to encourage people to donate. Please stop putting your patreon and saying "donate for E X C L U S I V E" mods. I get it though, we all need money to put food on our tables, but putting content that should be free to everyone is a bullshit move. Note that there IS a donate button on this site right? So shoehorning your patreon in cause you want modding to be your "job" is not ok. Its cancerous and needs to stop. I respect all modders on this site, but when the top modders start doing this, and it spreads to others and they start doing it, it is no longer a means of paying for the software you use to mod, its a business.

    Let me show you an example of this, not going to say the modders name, but this is on his patreon.

    "Pledge $1 or more per month -Support my work- Just that! :)"

    "Pledge $2.50 or more per month -WIP Pass- You can be a beta-tester of my mods before I release it!"

    "Pledge $5 or more per month -Exclusive Pass- You can have access to exclusive mods, which will be available only for my patreons!"

    This is no longer a way to get support, as the person states, if they want to support just donate a dollar. BUT if they want an EXCLUSIVE product, pay 5$.

    That is AAA Game Company tier bullshit practices. 1st of, the products you are selling, they are usually either models they create themselves or have ripped from other games. No matter what, it is copyright infringement, and as a person who supports fan work and art, I am against selling the work as you do not own the property for it no matter if you made it yourself, or ripped it from something else.

    Look at the ES:V modding community, selling mods destroyed it, modders left, people were outraged, people sent death threats ect... I do not want that to happen to this community.

    If you want to have a patreon for your fans to support your work, Great, just don't put content behind a paywall, cause it is no longer enticing your fans to support you, you are using key words like "exclusive" to draw them in to pay for it, so than can have a product.

    Please moderators of this site start cracking down on this, Mods are and always should be free, and to the people that do this, please stop, we love your work and don't want to hate you. There needs to be a solution for this to encourage people to donate, but to not have content behind paywalls.

    Please for the sake of the community, we need a change.


  • I don't really want to get on this soapbox but I saw something the other day in a similar vein that I thought was pretty poor. It basically said "20 more likes for the next version". So that's saying "If the rest of you don't hit the like button, the users who have downloaded and rated my mod are going to get dumped and get no more updates".

    I think that's about as bad an attitude as anyone can have.

    All I know is that even though I have zero income, and an ever decreasing finite pot of funds, the day I even think about this being a way to earn money, is the day I truly will quit modding altogether.

    I did have to laugh at this one "You can be a beta-tester of my mods before I release it"... that's EA policy down to the ground. You don't get people to pay YOU to be Beta-Testers, you give them something in return for doing your testing for free. :D


    @LeeC2202 I agree with you at 100%. I understand some of them have to pay high prices to let us enjoy free HQ models, so donations are greatly wellcomed for them, but the abusive use of Patreon of some people is just annoying and well, all that said Momoka.

    I also did have to laugh about "beta-tester" after "donating" XD .

    Actually I'm helping Sollaholla (Simple Zombies mod author) as beta-tester with each one of his pre-releases, giving him ideas to improve his mod and testing it at my own modded game (Not hardly modded, just VisualV + ReShade + Add-On vehicles/peds and some scripts) and I didn't donate any money to him to be it.

    More, he seems to be happy while I help him (he told me with his own words) because he can improve the mod spending more time to be scripting than testing (And he solved most of the big issues of his mod, that's great <3 ).

  • @Reyser That's why Beta testers (or any testers) are so valuable to a programmer/modder etc... they take away the burden of having to test and that's why they shouldn't be giving the modder money to do it.

    I did some testing for Celeris on their Android version of Virtual Pool and I felt honoured to have had the chance but I wouldn't have paid them to let me do it. :D


    @LeeC2202 Exactly. A person that makes you "beta-tester" by paying him, is just letting you to have the mod before others, nothing else. If he/she needs help to test his/her mods to find bugs, won't tell you to pay to do it for him.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking this way, and thanks for helping us here at Forums and Celeris! :)

  • @Reyser couldn't have said better myself.

    @LeeC2202 I second your point of view. Most of us modders, we do this out of our personal interest and without any other intention to it. We do it because, we love to code/mod in the spare time. We do it because it's hobby to us. The moment Hobby will transform itself in the source of income. It will ruin everything, atleast for me.

    @MomokaChan Well, it's a very complex topic and it does differentiate from person to person, how do they look at this topic. For me, what you have said is right. One should not force anybody to pay up in order to get something, which ideally shouldn't be. For donation, is a different thing. You can not force any one to donate anything. There is a reason why it is called a "Donate" and not a "PAY". If user is willing to donate anything in any sum, that's completely his or her choice. Even if he isn't willing to donate, but again, that's my point of view and I do mean to offend anyone out here. (:

  • @MomokaChan I too! made a Patreon Account Last week :). and i made all those similar Pledge Tabs. for donation per month. you know why? because Paypal Does not Work / is not Supported in my country, Hence i can recieve Donations only through Patreon. and i don't think there is anything Wrong with it, as one can simply donate for example 10 USD one time take a pledge , 10 dollars will be charged. and then you can cancel the Pledge any time.

    Plus recruiting Beta testers for 10 USD etc seems okayish, but yea im not a 100% sure on the topic either,

    plus making VIP mods tailored to a user's needs i think its okay to accept donations/charges for that. as a mod author is making a mod just for that person, and spending his time and skills on it, while he could'v done a different thing. during that time.

    Please visit My Patreon Page and let me know what you think , i am very very curious now. :thumbsup:

    @MomokaChan i just don't know how else to accept Donations or Support my Work. if you have a better option for me i am all Ears. :slight_smile:

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Bringing back this old topic. But for a different reason.:

    Plus recruiting Beta testers for 10 USD etc seems okayish

    You mean you pay them 10 USD to be a Beta Tester I hope...

    Getting them to pay any amount of money is completely wrong IMO. They're doing the modder's work by testing, they're saving the modder time, they shouldn't be paying for that. It's like asking a car mechanic to pay for examining your car, so you can then fix it for free.

  • @LeeC2202 but it's their choice right? i have 2 slots for beta testers, and i would provide them unlocked files, and mods that i have not released yet. its their Choice, probably that's why i don't have any patrons yet. its a new thing. i know two other mod author's who have beta testers. i just tried to follow their example, they make 600 $ a month. i still have to make my first Dollar. if even i make it. so its all a new and beginning thing for me, i figured i shall be busy from next week in my studies and internship at the hospital. and well, if people want my time, they should earn it right?

    Beta testers is a topic i am not yet really sure of as i stated above. not 100% sure. as i do like working alone.
    i'll think over it on the weekend. did you have a look at my patreon? anything else i should think about?

  • From my perspective, Beta testing is a service provided by the users, for us, the modders. They should be shown respect and gratitude in return for that, not charged a fee for doing it...

    Maybe my view is different because of how much time I have spent working with testers and as a tester in a professional capacity... I have a different view on a lot of things because of that. I also get very defensive over what we expect from Beta Testers and I can sense that creeping into my responses, which isn't good... I don't mean to get angry, I just cannot emphasise enough just how important I believe that group of people to be.

    I think the easiest way to look at it, is if someone asked you to pay them to do a job for them, so they could earn money from the end result, would you do it?

  • @LeeC2202 just removed beta tester tab from my patron page. Thank you for your opinion. Which I resect. Besides Im pretty sure I like working alone :) removed the controversial beta tester feature.

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