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[SCRIPT] [WIP] - Drag Meets 2.0

  • @mrphillips said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Drag Meets 2.0:

    In my game version a lot of supercars are missing (for example: Grotti X80 Proto).

    How do official DLC cars be not in your game? :registered: ?

  • Pirated or voluntarily outdated, you know. Either way, the script should work.

    Any issue with outdated games would arise if

    • The script uses new natives your outdated game doesn't have
    • The script uses a scripthook/scripthookdotnet version that doesn't support your old game version

  • @Eddlm said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Drag Meets 2.0:


    Exactly my thoughts...

    About the Lamar model...
    I thought it really strange and so I spawned both models side by side. Here are the results:

    Lamar CS and IG models

    I really have no idea why both of them spawn to low with your mod. This, by the way, is the same with all models that exist in CS and IG versions. CS will always spawn with feet in the ground for me. The only difference between them that I can spot seem to be higher resolution textures for the cutscene (CS) models over the ingame (IG).

  • @Eddlm Thanks a lot for advice! It works now!

  • @Eddlm
    hello you can create an option where you choose whether to enable the tuning or not?
    thank you for this fantastic mod!

  • I just noticed:
    If you hop into a taxi, all the meets are there to choose as destinations. xD

  • Also just noticed: At least one race shortens the track on my request - without me requesting shortening it!
    Sandy Shores Airfield

  • @Eddlm Hey whats up. I love this mod both versions, however, ever since I been using the 1.9.4 version I get 25fps drops (to 30fps) when I start a meet. When I stop the meet it goes back up to 55fps. Any reason for this or anyway I can avoid this?

  • Which meet, @Manamal?

    For big meets its expected, there's a lot Racers and crowds doing stuff. For smaller meets it shouldn't be as noticeable.

    @Regash might be the configuration file, check that the distance is set to 100.

    @Shirakune I'll try.

  • @Eddlm Hello ! I've been reading the post and i see comments of people talking about a download link or something like that for the actual version of the mod and i cant really see the link in page 1 ... Can you please explain me ? Im sorry if my english is bad, im from Argentina

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Bernacapo10 In this comment https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/5779/script-wip-drag-meets-2-0/312

    Click the green numbers that say 1.9.4 at the top.

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks a lot !

  • @Eddlm Make moto drag. And make the badges of off-road racing another color on the map, so as not to be confused with the usual ones.

  • @LeeC2202 Hey! I installed the mod correctly but when i go to a Drag Race in any of the locations a Black screen apears with the load circle in the right corner... I waited 10 minutes but nothing happened so i reloaded the scripts with insert and the game came back to normal, i tried again but the same thing happen... Can you help me?

  • I have decided to do a public release of this script a little early.

    • People are still having problems with the old Drag Meets and I really want that to dissapear. I really hate seeing people having issues with a script that should be super easy to install and play, like Drag Meets 2.0 is now. So, releasing this script will replace the Old Drag Meet's page, removing the source of issues.

    • I'm getting increasingly bored with the project. This was bound to happen, ideas are exciting at first, but they lose "strenght" as time passes. Specially when the you're out of exciting bits to add and the only thing left to code is fixes and small features. Thankfully the script is basically done already, so you can enjoy it regardless.

    Drag Meets will probably appear on the main Scripts page around April 10th-15th if I'm doing the calc correctly and nothing interrupts the development.

    Right now we're at 1.9.4. I plan on finishing off various features and then releasing it as 1.9.5 or 2.0, depending on how complete it actually is. Then, development will halt while I dedicate time to other projects.

    Here's what I aim to have in the public release, be it 1.9.5 or 2.0:

    • A .pdf guide
    • Proper wheelies
    • Performance option (No crowds, 12 Racers tops)


    • Police disbanding street meets
    • Lamar notifications
    • Spectator mode
    • Rework the betting system so it allows you to bet any ammount you want, not a fixed ammount.

    Eventual update

    • Meet Organicer.

    Right now I'm working on the wheelies, I have reworked them so the wheelie is not dependant of the car's inclination (had issues with downhill/uphill tracks). The downside is that wheelies are now absurdly high, only limited by the back of the car hitting the ground.

    alt text alt text

  • @Eddlm Nice, will definitely give new version a go when I get a chance.

    Also, since it seems that you are getting bored with the project, may I implant a new idea on your head?
    Not sure if you take requests or not, so take this as a suggestion, but I also posted this on the request section of the forums.

    Anyways, the idea was simply to create a script that simulates the effects of brake fade and tyre wear over time and/or heavy usage, and maybe also include effects of temperature on tyre grip (if possible). In a way, this would be sort of like a standalone version of your tyre grip simulation for your drag meets mod (but with brake fade), and it will surely add more realism to the game.

  • @Eddlm

    Oh word. Do the records save or do they reset every time you spawn the meet?

  • @chang63 That's one of the things that are already planned, for some time in the future.

    @Zoey They don't save. Because the track length is variable (can be changed), I don't have any reliable way to make them fair. You could reduce the track to a 20% length, set the record, then set it to the original 100% length.

  • @Eddlm What did you mean by "lamar notifications"?

  • @skelepap said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] - Drag Meets 2.0:

    go to the racers.xml file, find Lamar and change the model to ig_lamar

    I relyed on @Eddlm , when he said that he changed models and it didn't work.
    And also, I never thought about the racer.xml, tbh.

    But yes, works just fine, Lamar now has both feet on the ground! Awesome, thx.

  • @Regash I fixed it, but when updating, I rolled back to the original Racers.xml, and didn't remember to update lamar there.
    (That solution is what I told skelepap when he asked me how to fix it, via steam)

  • I really love this mod, but since i download ver 1.9.4 I cant spawn meets anymore, it always black loading screen for me. I've tried auto spawn but the AI just stand next to their cars and do nothing, you have any ideas why this happen?
    Beside that, this mod is very awsome, thanks for your hard work!

  • Hm, I think I compiled 1.9.4 with SHV.NET 2.9.4, update it just in case.

    Other than that, the scripthookdotnet.log file should tell you what's happening.

  • This post is deleted!

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