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  • the last few days i started some new mods, i decided to update some old mods and make them available as addon too.
    so today i show you a pic with the updates of my futo mod, which i will release after my addon pack fully functions.

    the update includes new 3d subwoofers - the outer rings are [paint1] which means they had the same color you choose for the car. i replaced the stock headlights to give the car a better "face". now the wheels/rims have different sizes which means the frontwheels are less wider than the rear wheels. the back-wings are even wider than in v1.0. "hairybarry" (your passenger) has now a smile on his face and the stuff in trunk i replaced with a subwoofer-box. hope you enjoy


  • Nice work, have you thought of maybe contacting CP and adding it to IVPack and maybe doing the same work on the modden Futo Coupe?

  • @DV23 thanks. no because its a modified gta v futo :wink: and i think evilfuto doesnt fit to his pack. instead of adding my "bodykit" to the futo coupe i think its easier for me just to select some edges in zmodeler move them a lil back detach the polys and just attach them to the trunk lid.

  • the newest video of my evilfuto 05/2016

  • Version 1.1 is released now

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