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problem with enabling online mode in offline

  • hi all,

    I have a problem with simple trainer when I enable online mode (from simple trainer/teleporting/other locations) it crashes, any solution please ??

  • any help !!

  • @GTAfife you mean you went online with simple trainer? what do you mean online? that trainer is not supposed to work in online mode of rockstar social club. it can get you banned. if am reading this correctly.

  • no, I mean when I play SP mode I want online staff like Yacht+Aircraft carrier+all online apartment interior and offices interior to be accessible, it typically through any trainer mod, when I enable it, it crashes.

  • I changed the Visual C++ to 2013 then to 2008 with no luck, then I changed the Microsoft .NET Framework to 3.5 with no luck either. I'm using windows 10 btw.

  • @GTAfife hmm. not sure why.

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