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[VEHICLE][WIP] Opel Commodore A 3000 GS V8 (Hillclimb Challenge)

  • this mod is for my hillclimb challenge you can win this in a competition.

    Opel Commodore A
    -GS 3000
    -Schwarze Witwe Livery
    -Opel Steinmetz Livery

    All Ingame Features, Livery Support, everything dirtmapped, body, lights, windows, grill, animated transmission...













    Scratched Used Look


    already some videos on my channel for the car if you are interested:

    the first video was beta version

    and the last is with my script for electric windows lift up/down

  • reallife "schwarze witwe" (means black widow) in the 70s it was a "opel rekord" but he was built later as an "commodore a" too, looks pretty the same

    look at 0:45min in the vid ;)

    reallife GS3000 Steinmetz

    i will add both liveries, already added the black widow

  • Here in Brazil there is a version of this car called Chevrolet Opala, the body is very similar, if you can do one, will be a very nice thingalt text

  • @Maverick70 sure i think its pretty the same as your chevrolet chevette 76 is 90% the same as our opel kadett c 76 which i`ve modded too. because general motors is the "mother" of german opel, british vauxhall and brasillian chevrolet. if u can post a picture of the front and the interior i can try to do the opala parts as tuning parts in lsc, so i can keep the model itself. but i can do only the 2 door version.

    something off topic. in germany we love your rearlights of the chevette, completely red with chrom edges. but they are so hard to get. i tried to get one since years. http://65833.forumromanum.com/member/forum/images/33/user_65833/normal_789548.jpg my reallife kadett from 1978 would look amazing with those lights

    greetings to brazil :hand_splayed:

  • @TobsiCred I believe it is easier to convert your model into a 4 door Opala, because our 2 door Opala is not hardtop, but fastback, like the Opel Rekord you have there! that red Opala is 1975 model SS, the engine is a 250/s 4100cc, 6 cyl, (The idea of ​​the chevrolet was a North American engine in a German body of Opel Rekord and Commodore, all the body averages are in metric system and the engine in inches, crazy, but it worked and is one of the most loved cars in Brazil) l Look at this site you have a curiosity, have photos of all SS models http://tudoparaopala.com.br/blog/dicas/padrao-correto-das-faixas-ss-para-opala-e-caravan/ alt text alt text

  • updated the pics, with last version pics, exterior ready. hillclimb liveries and some interior stuff todo

  • 0_1487814696414_commo1.jpg


    next comes steinmetz (similar) and black widow livery

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