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[Script][WIP] Electric Windows (Roll Up/Down slowly NOT instantly)

  • i have done a script to roll up/down your windows slowly,
    works like wiper script or automated popup lights

    at the moment the sound works not correctly, only addon cars are supported (ingame cars would work too, but its to much work adding it to all of them) and if you roll down the windows and shoot from inside (in ego perspective), the window pops up and breaks like its closed, very buggy for release now. but for my modded cars it works like a charm.

    i believe its not much interest in stuff like these. at the moment 4 people like it and 5 hate it on yt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so i think i spend my time for my car mods instead of fixing this one, for me its usable with the actual state.

  • @TobsiCred This would actually be really cool if you could trigger it when you aim from inside the vehicle, to prevent it smashing the window.

    The only time I ever open a window is when I put a gun through it, but it would be cool if you could get into a gun fight, get home in your car and then wind the windows up with them still all in one piece. :)

    I do think the idea is great but I think the reason mods like this don't get the use or support they deserve, is because of how they require a level of interaction people don't typically bother with. So I think if they auto-activated and just happened as part of the gameplay, they would get more appreciation.

    I don't know what happens in a convertible when you drop the roof for instance (in GTAV that is), but if that action triggered this window option, it would be hugely improved by it... same if raising the roof raised the windows too. I don't play the game in a way that would benefit from this sadly but if I was given the option of a Superman mod or these windows, this would win hands-down every time. I love the little things that feel like they should be there, rather than the big things that feel out of place.

    So I say great work... :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @LeeC2202 thank you for this constructive and detailed feedback. intresting idea, maybe i can get this to work automatically with if_player_is_aiming (even outside, so that the windows from the nearest ped car opens automatically before you shoot and u can use his intact ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but i think its a lot of work. the main problem is, that you have to mod on the model itself (in zmodeler), like wiper script. so nearly noone want to do this. at least works fine with ingame convertibles ;) you are right, if i look at gta5mods i definetly take a funny defendor mod instead of window script :) you opened my eyes, i get my attention to my other mods :thumbsup:

  • @TobsiCred No, you misunderstood my last part... I would take this mod over Batman. This is better in my opinion... much better.

  • @LeeC2202 oh damn, my english is bad :confounded:

  • @TobsiCred Your English is actually excellent... sometimes, us native English speakers get so excited by what we see, we don't always write things in a way that clearly explains what we mean. :slight_smile:

  • @TobsiCred Its Fuckin Amazing

  • @TobsiCred Hey mate! tell us, how's work going?

  • @TobsiCred Great idea! I hope you can finish that mod and i can try add this feature to my converts

  • @Yarm1995 same here :.P

  • @Neophyte-Industries I really like realistic features for cars, like working wipers or this. Also, it will be great, if someone create script similiar to Vehicles Special Ability or Improved Vehicle features for SA

  • yes like all this little things u don`t need but u have it :-P so the game is more like "feeling real"


    @TobsiCred i want that

  • Maybe you could do a collab with the windshield wipers guys?

  • @ikt would be great, but @ImNotMentaL screwed me up with another script, he told me to help me, but after i have send him the code, i never get any response from him. i waited two weeks before i asked him again, no response at all. this happened in february. otherwise with my zmodeler knowledge and ImNotMentals Script Knwoledge this could be a massive script and ready in about one week. whatever, i finish it by myself after my hillclimb challenge, i am working at the moment

  • waiting

  • @TobsiCred In english we would say "roll windows up" or "roll windows down"
    So in context it would sound like this
    "I am going to roll my window down for some fresh air"
    If thats what you meant. I've never heard anyone say "lift window up/down" when referring to a car window. The term roll in this instance would be from the older or cheaper cars that didn't have electric windows. And you had to spin (roll) the handle manually. Definitely not insulting or trying to mock you with this but I hope it helps you understand I know english is a difficult language to learn.

    As far as your mod goes i do not understand how anyone could hate this. It looks awesome little things like this are why I install mods in the first place. Please keep up the good work!

  • @kinghippo2000 thank you for your feedback and the explanation. yes in the gta natives it called roll_window too. so now its clear ;) but if you buy a new car and want electric roll up/down windows, is there a main name for it? or just saying electric windows?

  • @TobsiCred It would typically go without saying as most newer models are all electronic. But yeah if the seller was listing details of the vehicle he would say "electric windows" you see that more in pre-owned car sales because its a deal breaking feature for some people.

  • @kinghippo2000 ok so my thread title is correct now :laughing: thanks for the information.


    @TobsiCred i'm sorry about that, but i don't have enough time to update my own mods either

  • @ImNotMentaL said in [Script][WIP] Electric Windows (Roll Up/Down slowly NOT instantly):

    @TobsiCred i'm sorry about that, but i don't have enough time to update my own mods either

    thats no problem, i can understand that very good. modding is a time intensive thing. its the manner how you have acted. a simple "i am sorry, i have no time" instead of "send me the code" and never get any response in 5 month. thats not the nicest way. you have noticed in february that the script was very important for me and i wanted to finish it as soon as possible but cant get a speedometer drawn on my own. with one simple sentence, i wouldnt have to wait 2 weeks just to see you wont help and could ask any other scripter. and its a very easy task for you, you could just copy/paste me the speedometer part of your already existing stopwatch script, so it was a 5 minute task for you @ImNotMentaL


    @TobsiCred my stopwatch mod doesn't comes with a speedometer
    and I don't code in c# mate, your code are in c# and I need to take time to study your code, if you can't wait, find somebody else.

    again, i'm so sorry

  • @ImNotMentaL said in [Script][WIP] Electric Windows (Roll Up/Down slowly NOT instantly):

    my stopwatch mod doesn't comes with a speedometer


    @ImNotMentaL said in [Script][WIP] Electric Windows (Roll Up/Down slowly NOT instantly):

    I need to take time to study your code, if you can't wait, find somebody else

    :laughing: you funny guy, i wait since february. no problem. i`ll wait. study my code, as long as you need

    @ImNotMentaL said in [Script][WIP] Electric Windows (Roll Up/Down slowly NOT instantly):

    I don't code in c# mate


  • Cool :)

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