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Weight shift Inverse

  • Hi, I have problem with one of the car mod that i really like. It the weight shift. For example, when I turn right the car suppose shift the weight to the left that caught the suspension on the left lower and the right suspension go higher. But it my problem was when I turn right the car weight shift to the right and it look really unreal. Is there anyway I can fix this? I already try different handling and Vehicle meta still can't figure out how to fix . if anyone know please help thank in advance.

  • @Burn1496 if you have time, patience and Brilliance of Mind. you can figure it out, by reading this information dump. that you will need to edit , the handling.meta file of your car.

    Good luck., that's about it i can help. cuz i am caught up in stuff and real busy.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thank You. I finally make it work. Thank You so much. :D

  • @Burn1496 glad i was able to help.

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