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More cars help

  • Hi

    Can anyone help me out i have a add on problem

    When i add more than one vehicle as an add on to my dlclist.xml the game crashes

    This has only happened since the last update in December.

    In the past i have updated the gameconfig

    I have tried downloading gameconfig and installing them but the game freezes on loading.

    Does anyone have a working up to date gameconfig that works with the latest update.

    ps Life would be so much easier if we could choose not to update the game lol.

  • @R41D3R 90% of the time., this mod below would solve such a problem. try it and let us know :slight_smile:

  • I can not thank you enough my friend as it worked like a treat.

    Hope this helps any one else with a similar problem also.

    Thanks again FoxtrotDelta

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