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Tempesta car missing?

  • I am trying to run the "DragMeets" mod and it gives me an error saying the Tempesta car cannot load I guess.

    When i'm not trying to use that mod, LOTS of cars I try to spawn using the simple trainer says "invalid model" Someone help please?

  • So basically, I have none of the import/export vehicles which is probably my problem because I tried a drag meet at a different location and the Nero2 was invalid.

  • @Zoey use mp in sp by CP. It will 'unlock' them to work in SP. If your game is cracked it wont do anything. Just unlocks the ones already made by rockstar for the game. If you have a legitimate copy, this most likely will fix your problem.

    Or dragmeets is just broke or so. But the creator is already working on a 2.0.

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