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[Vehicle][Aircraft] Small civilian/Business Jets

  • @SkylineGTRFreak wtf are you The Flash ? Great job :D
    Also, since this thread was a request, i'm going to make one too : can anyone make a replacement for smaller civilian aircraft ? I see a lot of big jets or fighters, but a replacement for the vestra, for example would be fun ^^
    i already saw a model here (but payware) http://www.fsd-international.com/Hangar/Vision/

  • @TheSigui since you left a Request within a request page, so i forked the Topic and made a new one for you.

    and i shall be Making Many civilian and business aircraft. especially small sized ones. next month. God willing.

  • Thanks @FoxtrotDelta. Looking forward for these, and therefore, looking for models.

  • @TheSigui I have all the models, including the above payware model you said. i have it. so need not worry my friend. finding models is kind of a specialty for me, Thanks to all my Arab friends who play FSX.

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