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Editting handling.meta question

  • Im working on getting some custom settings set for cars by merging attributes of two mods. I beleive I know what i changes i must make but here is my question. Is there a way to copy over attributes from 1 txt file to another without doing so manually? I.e. Id like to replace only the configs that apply to suspension, do i have to manually copy them over for every car or is there away to do a quick replace for all values seeing as how each car has custom values. Thanks in advance


    Actually there is no such tools for that. Even the "find and replace" function in notepad or ms word can't do that for you automatically.
    Some of the game modders has put their huge effort into their mod not limitless to money, eat, energy and ideas. they're all out in modding and they're nothing to lose.
    Some of them modders finished their mod in a week, some even in months just for one frikkin mod of them, although there is no "automatic" way for them to achieve their goal, there always spirit for them where they could make something that people couldn't.
    And when the mod is finally finished, the "i did this" feeling was so exhilarating!! :)

    Yep, you have to do it manually and put your effort in it, but i think "find & replace" feature in notepad or ms word would help you out. just copy your line, and find the line with the feature. Good luck, i would love to try your mod.... :smile:

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