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[script] toggle graphics settings between 2 presets

  • Im running a gtx 970 sc which means i can't do ultra + 4k, i can only run ~high @ 1080p. I love takings screenshots though which means having to manually switch all the settings to ultra + 4k just to take a few seconds worth of shots. I would like a script that can toggle between two customizable presets via a hotkey. Thanks!

  • @corvonik I can't imagine this will be possible. All graphic settings need to be changed while the game rendering isn't taking place and considering how some settings require a game restart, switching settings wouldn't work.

    What I would suggest, is you set everything up for your normal 1080p gameplay and that will create the required settings.xml file in your My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTAV folder. Then make a copy of that file and call it settings-1080p.xml or something similar.

    Run the game again but this time set everything up for 4K, that will generate a settings.xml that will have those settings. Copy that to something like settings-4k.xml. It means a game restart but at least you will be able to swap between complete sets of settings, just by copying whichever one you want to be the active settings.xml file.

    You could configure two batch files and shortcuts that would copy the settings file and launch the game all in one go, that would make things easier. But as far as I know (and someone else could very well know better than me), switching inside the game wouldn't be possible, not least because scripts stop working when you're in the menu.

  • that sounds doable. I completely forgot about the game reset tbh, i usually just run 4k + high settings to take screens because im worried i'll forget what settings i was using if i start changing a ton lol.

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