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  • Can someone help me i have very Heavy fps drop with reshade some fixes?

  • I installed the NaturalVision and VisualV

  • @CSQ574 what are your pc specs?

  • I'm gonna say the same thing as I did for the last guy

    Ok so here are some resolutions.

    1)Obvious yet unlikely get new parts. Recommend ram or a gpu because gta primarily uses this.

    2)Settings. If you are trying to do something like run gta at 4K change your settings. Since you have a nvidia card download geforce experience, it has a great optimization feature so you can get the best performance out of your rig.

    3)Don't stress your pc. Kill as many tabs or background tasks that you don't need while playing gta, this frees some ram and CPU usage.

    4)Viruses. Viruses can slow down your pic heavily. Have you downloaded anything suspicious recently? I recommend getting a antivirus and scanning your pc (don't get some random one because they can be viruses themselves.

    5)Low performance mods. There are many of these on this site for low ram and gta specs. If your pc can straight up not run gta these may help. All though not an outstanding experience it can make the game platable.

    7)Graphics mods. No reshade or enb or any type of graphic enhancement mods.

    These are the issues I could think of and hopefully this helps.

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