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[MISC] Smooth Camera Mod

  • Was just wondering if it was possible to create a mod that smoothed out the camera movements, in both first and third person, basically allowing for less shaky and erratic camera movements? The purpose would be for getting more cinematic shots while recording gameplay, or simply looking at something scenic without the jitter that you get while trying to pan with your mouse. Perhaps it could be achieved by borrowing some aspects of smooth camera movements already present in GTAV, like the auto centering of a vehicle while driving, or auto centered pov while in first person. Even something that allowed for pre scripted camera pans/movements while in game, either in freecam, or normal play through, would be cool for getting some nice shots without having to go through Rockstar Editor.

    If you've ever played Minecraft, you're probably familiar with the smooth cam feature. This is essentially what I would like to see implemented in GTAV.

    My end goal is to be able to control a free cam with smooth movements, and the ability to zoom in and out smoothly, all while still being in game. Yes, I realize that these features are already present within Rockstar Editor, but I would much prefer being able to get some nice shots spontaneously, and then quickly move on to something else that looks interesting, all while in game. I also know about the in game screenshot mod, which is a step in the right direction, but it lacks the smooth camera movements that I desire, both while zooming in, and moving the camera around. This is why a tool that simply let you adjust camera movement speed and sensitivity altogether would be perfect, since it could be used both in freecam, and while playing normally.

    Thanks, I really hope someone is able to achieve this.

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