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it also works on the ps3?

  • it also works on the ps3?

  • @ido You have to jailbreak your ps3 to be able to change files, but I never tried it , I don't know if it works.

  • @TobsiCred It's almost the same files, it's the same game. Open iv allows you to open ps3 and xbox360 version . All meta files are editable too. Installing cars mods will not work ,scripts too but textures, ymt files... can be changed , to avoid compatibility problems you don't replace the same file you replace the line in the file.
    So it can work for a few things , but the best to do is own a pc , I don't think jailbreaking your ps3 is the best solution.

  • @TobsiCred For sure lol :relaxed:

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