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  • In GTA 4 modders brought out car packs that replaced every car in the game with the real life version and it was so simple because you had to download one pack instead of having to chase around for every single car, which is a massive headache. If someone could get all the cars that have been made and get the ok by modders them self to re-upload all the cars into one pack like in GTA 4.

  • To get permission is a pain in the ass , some modders say no or are just not replying . Really hard to make :) Probably better to make one yourself and keep it for yourself

  • I made 3 such packs already, but asking permissions is a bitch. The other lo point is file size. I used all my free space on Mega of 50GB for my first car replace pack which I must delete now to be able to upload the last one.

  • About 150

  • I wouldn't recommend it. Present pack is much more realistic, less demanding, stable and have no crashes concerning replaced cars. The pack, at the moment is perfect, all data is edited except for few cars maybe because of so many updates, that I might miss something to edit again. I will pack just cars, parts and data and upload it to Mega, so the download size will be much smaller.

  • @kizacudo do you know how to make car mods? I could use assistance or help making them. I only have gta4 at the moment though cause my nice computer for gta5 wont be here for awhile

  • the only problem with a full car pack for GTA V is that you WILL get disappearing map textures, its very very distracting, and until we fix this, id say just use addon packs and real badge mods.

  • @kizacudo Can u provide a link to ur replacement pack ?

  • @largeaj2020 I always suffered problem like in video even without mods T_T

  • @dsvf34r this only happened when i have all my cars replaced, even now with like 50 addons, i have no clue why it happens.

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