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Add Add-On vehicles to traffic with RDE and their density

  • Here's a small issue i encountered recently : i week ago, i decided to go savage and to install Realism Dispatch Enhanced.

    I hate the stock LSIA airport. I really hate it, it's empty, whith only one large plane passing in ten minutes... Before using RDE, i had the solution to that modifying "vehiclemodelsets.meta" (update.rpf/common/data/ai), where i could add modded planes to the traffic and increase their density. Now the airport looked good to my eyes. :)

    But now with RDE, when i follow the exact same process and modify the exact same file, it messes up everything and i get kurumas spawning in place of helicopters, planes instead of boats...

    Is there any other file that i can modify to increase the traffic of vehicles and add add-on, modded vehicles ? If yes, how ?

    Best regards

    @Dilapidated @Yorpie @FoxtrotDelta

  • @TheSigui Has RDE modified the popgroups.ymt and popcycle.dat files to change what vehicles are in what groups? If so, that will affect what vehicles spawn in which areas.

  • @LeeC2202 Yes, Dr. RDE changed them. Do i have to modfy them to achieve what i want ?

  • @TheSigui Well popgroups.ymt controls which vehicles are in which groups and popcycle.dat controls which groups are active and the frequency of those groups in certain areas at different times of day. So if either of those has been changed, it could completely change the balance of what vehicles are spawned in each area.

    It would certainly be worth looking at as a possible cause of your problem.

  • @LeeC2202 Oh i see... But in popgroups.ymt and popcycle.dat, i only see ground vehicles and peds, no trace of aircraft or boats...
    So now i see how these two files would modify the frequency and the appearance of vehicles, but sadly, i still don't know how to add more planes to the airport and increase air traffic (my main goal atm).

  • @TheSigui Ah, then maybe I am on the wrong track... sorry. :(

  • @TheSigui Hey there, sorry been working a lot lately. Which version of RDE do you have installed? The WOV version should increase variety quite a bit at LSIA. Also what @LeeC2202 told you is correct. The 3 main files to edit are popgroups.ymt, popcycle.dat, and vehiclemodelsets.meta. I'm not sure how you had Kuruma's everywhere though lol. May of had a bad line or something? I cant say for certain. If you have specific questions about these files I'd say it would be best to ask @Cass or @Jax765 as they both have edited these files extensively.

  • @TheSigui Unrelated question but how did you increase the traffic of planes that go through the airport with vehiclemodelsets.meta, is it the probability value of the individual vehicles that spawn there?

  • @waynechriss Yes, i increased the probabillity for each plane and added new planes in the list. It worked pretty well

  • @TheSigui - Is it possible to raise the probability value in vehiclemodelsets.meta above 1? I imagine so, but I'm worried I could end up screwing up the game.

  • @Kiryu I think it is possible. For example, Airport IV, a mod famous for increasing the Airport traffic has set the plane probabilities to 100.
    However it still didn't really look like the LAX Airport, so i increased them to something like 1000... Until i saw that wasn't effective at all. It didn't screw up my game, but i didn't notice any changes either.

    Finally i went (before RDE) with something like 11 added planes to the traffic with probabilities going from 8 to 56 i think.

    Also @Dilapidated sorry i didn't see your question :sweat_smile: i was using the last version of RDE, 3.0.1.

  • @TheSigui Ah, awesome! I'll give that a go.

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