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[Tutorial] Custom sprite

  • Hi today i show u how create a custom sprite to render it on screen.


    • ScriptHookV
    • openIV.asi (install from openIV software)
    • backup original game files (/update/update.rpf)

    Let's start
    Copy file from /update/update.rpf to /mods/update/update.rpf
    Run openIV software and open file
    alt text
    Then Right click>New>Texture dictionary (I named it customTexture).
    alt text
    Open customTexture.ytd.
    Click Import button(1).
    In new window select your texture (.png/.jpg) (2) and click Open (3).
    Dont forget click Save (4).
    alt text

    To draw sprite:
    UISprite sprite = new UISprite("customTexture", "textureName(without extension)", new Size(100, 100), new Point(100, 100));
    //in Tick

    I think that helped.

    Greeings for @LeeC2202 for help.

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