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Looking to play MP freemode Models in Story Mode

  • Has anyone created a mod that replaces Michael or any of the main characters to where nothing is restricted or locked? I've used a lot of ped spawning and model changing trainer mods, but second you switch to a different model (can be anything) all the gun stores, gas stations, convienent stores and clothing stores are completely locked, you cannot get access to them, money isn't working etc.... So I dunno if anyone made a mod which enabled you to do that? I found some save editors, but their for console GTAV and not on this site so don't trust them. The only other mod I've seen that were supposed to enable male/female freemode models simply haven't been updated in a long time and no longer work. Skin Control 2.1 for example, can change the skin no problem just like simple trainer etc. but you can't do anything cept roam around.

    Don't really care too much about cutscenes, just kinda doing my own thing, creating my own story but want to be someone other than michael, trev or franklin without restrictions...

    thanks for any help!

  • there was one on gtaforums but i don't remember where it was....
    one thing that you should need to know that it was like that male/female mod and it was made by unknown modder (his name is unknown modder , don't confuse that the author is unknown lol)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe thanks heh I'll try find it...

    edit: I had a good look on gtaforums, all are out-dated now and no longer work with cheat-engine in order to trick the game thinking your one of the protagonists while using a different model.

  • @vackillers there was a script , not a cheat engine method

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I could only find mods related to a cheat engine modifier. I know there is a script version here called Character Swap, but its out-dated and doesn't work now which is probably what was posted at gtaforums but I couldn't find it

  • @vackillers like i said it was different one
    ill try to find it later

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