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Need help modding GTA 5 Xbox 360

  • Hey everyone! I have seen a lot of cool mods floating on social media for GTA 5 and I really wanted to try them out. Being new to this I'm not sure how to go about it- I watched some tuts on Youtube but heaps of people trolling and nasty virus baits popping up I didn't want to take a risk. I was able to do a simple mod for maxing out character stats for story mode using Horizon but that was basically it.

    I've heard about JTAG/ RGH and people saying you need to buy it? But I was wondering are there any mods out there you can install that don't require these softwares and are usable offline- since I don't plan on playing online that much.
    In saying that I went on https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/star-wars-millenium-falcon and started downloading mods which i thought were cool. Using this as an example is there anyway I can install this mod? What software would I use and is there a simple way of doing this without crazy hassle? Or a website someone can suggest to me and then I can get cool mods and not have to use JTAG or RGH?

    Sorry about the long paragraph but I am in desperate need of some guidance so help a brother- cheers

  • @ninjacreeds sorry I have to lock this topic. Its always. Good idea to read rules of a community website you visit for the first time.

    This website is only for single player offline mode of Grand theft auto PC version. Plus discussions about console modding and online modding, is not allowed on the website. Please be careful about the rules in future.

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