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Help Making the World More Alive

  • Hi all,

    im looking for a mod, or mods that will help make the world feel more alive. For example adding more people and traffic, with more variety of them.

    for example more people on the streets and different types of people spawn in different groups depending on their location in the world. More traffic, with a better variety of vehicles, for example new cars from the online mode spawn in, having some cars be modded ect. Also maybe more wildlife, i know their is wild life in the game but i can honestly say i have only ever seen like 1 dog on the street and maybe 1 deer.

    Also a mod to change how the wanted system works, for example to have female officers also come after me when wanted and to have the army after me in tanks ect when at 5 starts.

    And final add in more random events and encounters.

    i dont think their will be 1 mod that does all of this but can you all suggest to me some mods to help get what im after that work well together and work on the latest version of the game.

    Thanks Joe.

  • @JoeDin2056 I suspect if you type world and variety into the main site search, you might find exactly what you're looking for.

  • @JoeDin2056 Yep, you want Realism Dispatch Enhanced and World of Variety. Go get them.

    You're right, there isn't a mod that does it all, but there are multiple mods that specialize in some of the concepts. For example RDE is what you're looking foor regarding police variety and behavior, and World of Variety, while it doesn't touch the cops, adds the general variety you're looking for.

  • And if you want to have bigger traffic density then:
    1.Install L.S Traffic mod (Unstable a bit and can crash)
    2.edit settings.xml in documents/rockstar games/gta v (there should be traffic density option)

  • thanks for your answers i will give these mods a try Realism Dispatch Enhanced, World of Variety and L.S Traffic.

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