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Play With Mods & Friends

  • Hi all,

    So i have 2 copies of the game installed.

    The first copy is a clean install, no mods and is kept up to date with steam. I use this copy to play online with my friends, we do this often.

    The second copy is stored in a different location where steam cant update it and i have it kept at game version 1.37. this version where i play offline with mods that i like.

    So i have started to wonder, is it possible to play with friends and have mods on. Me and my friends have more or less the same mod collection. I know playing online with mods will result in a ban so we have never done this, thats why we have 2 copies of the game installed.

    Is it possible for one of us to host our own server that dose not connect to rockstar so we can still play with each other but also have our mods enabled?

  • @JoeDin2056 Your only option would be to use some sort of alternative multiplayer service, like one of these.

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