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Installing Car mods

  • Hi everyone, i am new to here and very new to the world of modding games. i have modded a touring car game before for car mods but it was just a case of drag and drop so i managed that no problem. for GTA V i am having big problems as i am not very good with computers but i have installed the openiv programme and have an item that allows me to open a menu in game to spawn cars but my questions are, when i follow the instructions of installing cars and go to the game and try spawn them i cannot find them in the list of cars. Is there a way to select from the mods folder to open them? im sorry if this has been covered before but as i said i am a complete novice at modding and digging through files etc.

    Any help appreciated,

  • Hi Stuart, did you completely read through Reyser's excellent simple tutorial?

    It looks to me as you've got some reading up to do :)

    In the tool for the ingame menu you've installed to spawn cars etc you will also have refer to the new car name.
    Look for an *.ini it has and learn how to input new cars into it

  • I did read it and to say the least my brain melted, it does seem quite above my ability level and if i mess it up it could go horribly wrong haha. i understand most of it but when it comes to editing codes etc thats where my ability ends. i will stick with it and i might strike gold eventually haha!

  • @stushshok

    You can hardly mess up if you use the mods folder method.
    All edits you do are then inside that mods folder in the update.rpf.

    see http://gtaforums.com/topic/798272-tut-use-openiv-mods-folder-keep-your-original-gta-v-folder/

  • i got as far as the openiv programme and copied the update folder etc as stated but after that when i installed mods into the relevant folders (within the mods folder) nothing worked, i think i need to make the game read from the mods folder that i need to do, thats what im trying to work on now and see if i can get that.

  • Okay, good luck! I believe there was an option in OpenIV where you indicate you are using a mods folder?

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