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LOD replacement cars

  • After my latest update it appears I have lost all my LODS for car wheels ?
    Rockstar update went well all my cars are working my meta files are all back but for some reason all my replacement cars suffer the same issue
    Wheels disappear after 50 meters ??Lod ?

    But i dont understand why because all is as it was before the update I have all the modifications in my vehicle.meta ...and it happens to all cars I replaced . Vanilla cars are fine add on cars are also fine.
    Anyone please point me in the right direction ?
    I thought maybe vehshare.ytd changed but I compared the file and apart from the 2 extra textures i have in there there no change

  • mhhh...maybe this isn't the right place to ask ?
    I really really need some modders help :)

  • no reply as of yet :(

    Anyway some more info ..
    Its definitely an odd issue this ...I dont understand at all how this can be ?

    All was working well. I finally updated begin January and still after update all went well
    All the new cars are available and in general nothing broke ..
    Except my replacement cars ?? I noticed LOD issues in play and when i check it appears LOD is broken now on ALL replacement cars ?!
    Almost all have LOD issues now when before they was all fine and working ..
    2 or 3 even disappear now after about 100 meters ?
    It looks like a general LOD setting affecting all cars ??

    All vanilla cars work ! No lod issue at all
    All ADD on cars I have installed work also

    Even more confusing, If i go ahead and quickly replace a vanilla car, it s the same issue LOD just doesnt work ....
    A car i know 100% works with vehicle.meta data and everything ..
    Still after 50 or 100 meters the wheels disappear

    Here a list of my replacement cars
    Notice 6 cars are ok rest all have lod issues
    this all happened after the last update
    6 cars work ?? why ?
    I really dont get it
    I looked at location of the cars as well to find a common denominator for the cars where the LOD didnt break . But i cant find any

    Any help would be greatly appreciated ...

    Asterope : Chrysler wheels go after 50 X64E
    alpha :Aston Martin Vanquish car goes after 100 X64W MPBUISINESSVEHICLE
    baller : DACIA DUSTER 2014 wheels go after 50 X64E
    cavalcade: land crusier 2016 wheels go after 100 X64E
    cavalcade2 : GMC Yukon wheels go after 50 X64E
    cheetah : Porsche 918 Spyder wheels go after 50 X64E
    comet2: Porsche_Cayman wheels go after 50 X64 PATCHDAY13
    dominator : Ford Mustang GT wheels go after 50 X64E
    emperor : Cadillac Fleetwood wheels go after 50 X64E
    emperor2 : Cadillac Eldorado wheels go after 100 X64E
    exemplar : Maserati Ghibli S wheels go after 50 X64 PATCHDAY3
    f620 :Maserati GT wheels go after 50 X64E
    feltzer2 : Feltzer : AMG SL65 wheels go after 50 X64E
    fugitive : BMW 750Li 8.6MB X64E
    Fusilade :Chrysler Crossfire Roadster wheels go after 50 X64 PATCHDAY3
    glendale : Mercedes Benz 300SEL 1972 wheels go after 50 X64W MPHIPSTERVEHICLE
    ingot : BMW 330D Touring wheels go after 30 X64 PATCHDAY2NG
    landstalker : Subaru Forrester 2MB wheels go after 50 X64E
    manana : Chevrolet Impala PATCHDAY3
    minivan : Dodge Grand Caravan SXT wheels go after 100 X64E
    oracle : BMW 535i 2012 wheels go after 50 X64E
    Oracle2 : Bmw 750iL E38 wheels go after 100 X64E
    patriot : Hummer H2 2005 X64E
    phoenix : Pontiac Trans Am 1977 wheels go after 100 X64 PATCHDAY3
    primo :Mercedes-Benz W140 AMG wheels go after 50 X64 PATCHDAY1
    rancherxl -Tahoe_V4.rar\Tah wheels go after 50 X64E
    Rebel : Ford F150 SVT Raptor R wheels go after 70 X64E
    regina : Chevrolet Caprice Wagon 1989 PATCHDAY3
    ruiner: Chevrolet Camaro 2016. PATCHDAY2
    schafter2 : merc e420 wheels go after 100 X64E
    schafter3 : Audi RS6 wheels go after 50
    Stalion : 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 X64E
    stanier : Dodge Polara wheels go after 50 X64 MPAPPARTMENT
    stretch : RollsRoycePhantomLimo CAR goes after 30 X64E
    surge: chevrolet volt wheels go after 100 X64 PATCHDAY1
    taxi : Ford Crown Victoria Taxi CAR goes after 70 X64E
    tornado : Chevrolet Impala 1964 SS wheels go after 30 X64E
    Voltic : lotus elise wheels go after 30 X64E
    warrener: Datsun 510 Sedan wheels go after 100 PATCHDAY2

  • @Olddude Do you have this ?

  • @Olddude Did you also updated your gameconfig.xml file ?
    Have you checked if some of your mods are overwrited with the new updates ?

  • I have the exact same issue. I am on the newest version 1.36. Edit: 1.37.

    Most of the "Replace-cars" have those disappearing wheels. Increasing/Decreasing the lodDistances has litte effect if any.

    <lodDistances content="float_array">

    Cars with full LOD-Support like the BMW CLR 750 have no issues at all, while it affects nearly every other Replace Car.

    Add-On Cars don't seem to have the wheel issue.

    To be honest i am fairly new to gta modding but turning lodDistances up to 500 gives me only a few feet if any. I guess it affects the setting "Extended distance scaling" and i think if i incease lodDistances it even more it will calculate the car even if i am on the other side of the map - exaggerated - and kill my FPS.


    This screenshot shows at what distance the wheels start to disappear (with "Extended distance scaling" at max).

    Is there anything you can do to prevent those floating cars having wheels popping in because it really is a moodkiller for me. Thx in advance.

  • @DerOkon The newest version isn't 1.36.

  • @V4D3R true. my fault. newest version should be 1.37 then right? I can't seem to find the version ingame - thought it was under "game" or "online".
    I started modding a couple of days ago and use that latest update version as base since i played online with it before I started.

  • @DerOkon No problem. :)

  • Short status update.
    So far on a clean GTA with only RagePlugin (latest Version) and Gta5KoRn's Mercedes-AMG S63 W222(Replace/Add-On)* as test subject because according to the author it has no LODs whatsoever. Also as 2nd test subject Aige's 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 (Replace Only)

    *(also edited schafter3 vehicles.meta instead of schafter4 as told in the Replace-readme, because you are replacing schafter3 YTD & YFT files after all)

    Inserted as Add-On it works perfectly fine. As replacement the wheels vanish sooner or later in sight.

    I have tried:

    So far no success and i am running out of ideas.

    My setup:

    • GTA5 Steam-version 1.37
    • RAGE Plugin Hook - Open Alpha - 0.50.1044.10171
    • OpenIV with ASI Loader & OpenIV.asi installed
    • GTX 980 with up-to-date drivers

    Any help apprechiated. :)


    Don't replace the cars. Use an add-on for storage and only replace the name in popgroups.ymt to let that car roam. Does your LOD problem occur then?

  • @ReNNie said in LOD replacement cars:

    Don't replace the cars. Use an add-on for storage and only replace the name in popgroups.ymt to let that car roam. Does your LOD problem occur then?

    I am fairly new to GTA5 modding, where would i find popgroups.ymt?

    If I understand correctly i "replace" a Add-On Car instead of of an existing one right?

  • Alright I invested some time, got a bunch of car-mods to work (which they previously didn't) and think i found a pattern:

    SCHAFTER3 (Mercedes S63) = update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpapartment\common\data\levels\gta5
    SCHAFTER5 (Mercedes S65) = update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpapartment\common\data\levels\gta5
    DUBSTA (Mercedes G65) = update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta
    FELON (Mercedes-Benz C63) = update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta
    SABREGT (1969 Camaro SS 350) = update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta
    DUKES ( 1969 Charger) = update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\spupgrade\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta
    BUFFALO2 (2016 Dodge Charger) = update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta

    So we actually have two variants:

    My conclusion so far is, if the replaced car isnt somewhere in the update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\XXX\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta directory the lodDistances have to be set to 350.000000 in the update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta for the wheels to not disappear.

    But I will investigate further since I still got no clue why it seems that i am the only one with these issues although i have a clean GTA5 version.

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