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Uraniom is whippin' my arse...

  • I'm unsure if I'm even posting in the right category, but here goes...

    Gang, I seem to be unable to install Uraniom heads into GTA V. The textures are 1024x1024, so I've covered that base, but it crashes when I attempt to install it. So, is it true that Uraniom won't install if you're using the Non-Steam version of the game? If that's the case, then can someone help me out? I can send you the obj files, even the Uraniom avatar if need be. If you're up to taking pity on a struggling (re: This man has no f**king business trying to mod shit) gamer, then shoot me an e-mail (GodandAirborne@gmail.com) or reply here. Thanks.

  • Anyone? Bueller? Somebody has to know something...right? Folks, don't let Uraniom continue beating me; can't continue using the 'falling-down-the-stairs' excuse. :)

    I would love to get this working, but if it won't work, then I'd be content knowing just as to why it won't. Also, if someone out there starts feeling a warm, tingling in their chest-- which would be altruism, not indigestion-- then let me know if you'll help me make different heads for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Thanks, Gang.


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