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[MAP] Hollyweed

  • Somebody add this
    make this

  • @RGTube AFAIK I don't think it's possible yet , a problem with lods

  • @cgz i think its possible someone made vineweed sign mod in asi script mod not direct replacement

  • @PowerStar I don't think it's possible to replace the original with a script, to add another yes, but it will be weird to have 2 signs like this in the Vinewood Hills
    And if it's possible to replace with a script, there will be always the original Vanilla Lods that will conflicts .
    After i don't have the knowledge to be sure , it's just my logical.

  • @cgz Here's the script that @PowerStar is referring to: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/vineweed

  • @rappo nice I didn't saw it

  • But it still look impossible to turn with VINEWEED to HOLLYWEED with bushes :/
    I think we have to wait until it's possible to edit the lods or whatever is the problem.

  • @Vlad take a look at "ch2_03_emis_sign_slod_children.ydd" in \x64o.rpf\levels\gta5_hills\cityhills_02\cityhills_02.rpf\

  • @Vlad Ahh And this one : (ch2_03_Sign_SLOD) in " ch2_lod3_s2b_children.ydd" (in the same path)

  • @Vlad Yes! Glad to help :)

  • @Vlad @cgz finally!!! thank you very much for discovering and developing I've been looking for this ever since the release of PC version so, i guess we can visit Hollywood in coming months?

  • @Vlad hurraaaaaaaaaaay!! so did u include in real freeway sign 2.3 update? that going to release public today? if wasn't too much to ask

  • @Vlad am sorry I didn't see the previous reply am just hyper excited

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