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invalid model error in spawning vehicles...

  • Hii everyone...i have installed gta v modded version...and i have installed some 80 addon vehicles in it...nd 10 or 12 replaced...but i am willing to add more vehicles to make a collection in the Garage mod garages...but when i try to spawn the new added vehicles by their spawn name with enhanced native trainer...it always shows INVALID MODEL...i've tried many other vehicles but it i still the same...but when i try to spawn the old addon vehicles it works...i have tried tutorials but it doesn't work i also have done all the procedures as it was written in the readme file of the addon vehicles.rar files...i have deleted a lot of new addon vehicles...because i thought it was the mods problem...a help will be grateful...because i m fed up of this error...i don't know nd i don't have any idea how to fix it...please help me...

    Thank you,

  • Is any1 there who can help me with this problem...in some tutorials i have seen they tells us to replace the gameconfig.xml file with the no limit addon car mods .xml file i've tried that too but it doesn't works...is there any method through which i can add more cars without deleting the old addon cars...?¿

  • Hmm it seems you might have too many add on dlc packs. Try combining the add ons.

  • In a similar post this was said. This can help you do this.

    @cgz said in err_fil_pack_1:

    @negnoodles you have to look at files in the dlc.rpf and extract the car files , tuning and every files which are affiliated with (like carvariations.meta vehicles.meta carcols.meta handling.meta etc...)
    then open the meta files and copy all <Item> shit then add the line in the same meta file in your dlc you want to keep,
    and remember to remove the line in dlclist.xml .
    That's all I guess, If I'm not missing something, so it's not really really difficult but it take time , depends on how many copy paste you have to do.

  • @Orangade u mean that i can add more dlc or i have to decided which one i should keep...?¿

  • It means you are taking multiple dlcs and combining them into one file.

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