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How to get rid of this skin texture problem

  • So i am trying to make a skin for the new zonda and i am running into two problems the first is that some parts are matte while others are glass and the second is the stripe causes some problems with the skin. You can see what i am talking about here
    alt text

  • I believe this is simply a problem with the uvmapping with the car itself. Uv mapping is the "coloring" or texturing of the car. The materials are different for these car parts because they are designed like that. I guess someone needs to use Zmodeler 3 to modify it.

  • @J9090 i actually just bought a zmodelers license do you know of any tutorials?

  • Give me the location of the car files and I will investigate for you.

  • @J9090 pretty sure its under one of the vehicle mods is called the tricolore/760 front

  • I don't think you can change the white b/c that outlines the LED strip

  • Oh... Cr@p. No way to do that. The car is locked. Only if the car is unlocked, there is a way. If the car is locked, the author does not want anyone to make unauthorized car modifications. There is no legal way to do this. Sorry. You will have to ask the author for permission for an unlocked version.

  • @J9090 Darn ill see if i can get an unlocked version

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