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Issue with modding

  • Hello. I've replaced 60+ cars on my gta 5. I also use police dispach mod, visualv, euphoria ragdoll some clothing, blood and skins and some other minor mods also a few scripts. All mods is checked one by one. And now for some reason my game is started crashing. Sometimes very fast, sometimes after like an hour or entering some cars or whatever. The point is all mods and cars is checked one by one and individually they don't cause the crashing. So what could the problem be? Is it possible that too much cars are raplaced (that would be too bad because I was planning to replace almost all cars), or some mods don't work properly together?

  • @Exorcist said in Issue with modding:

    Is it possible that too much cars are raplaced....

    It might be causing this issue. Even super rigs cannot handle many HQ cars spawning at the same time.


    IV all over again. When replacing keep the chosen models under 2~3MB.
    Could be something else though too... V is a picky bitch

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