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Weapon Sound Mod Preference?

  • So when GTA V first came out, one of the complaints about it were the weapons sounds. Most people agreed that they were pretty bland, especially after a game like Max Payne 3.

    Since V's release on the PC, there have been plenty of weapon sound overhauls.

    And I mean plenty.

    Hell, Suspect has multiple weapon sound overhaul mods. Gun Sounds Overhaul, Weapon Sounds Overhaul Feedback Upgrade 3.5, Insurgency Sound Mod 1.1, Gun Sounds Overhaul 2.1 etc.

    I'm wondering what your preferred sound mods are. Not even including Suspect's there are tons of other packs. I remember a while back there being an issue with weapon sound mods where the modded sounds weren't applied to NPC weapons, only the player's. I've since been told that this has been fixed, so hopefully if you do recommend a pack it doesn't have that issue.

  • Also wondering this myself, what is the highest quality/most expansive weapon sound overhaul out there?

    If I'm gonna download a big-ass mod, I want it to replace the sounds of ALL weapons in the game.

  • Baka's sound mod
    This is my favorite. Only sounds it doesn't replace are the Double barrel and Compact Rifle but thats an easy fix.

  • Sounds for the silenced versions too? Does it not have the issue where NPCs still use the default sounds?

  • @cp1dell the new NPC sounds in bakamania's are probably the best part .. silenced sounds are replaced also . his is easily the best overhaul out there, prepare to have to turn your headphones down

  • @Zippo-Raid Damn, I never even looked at GTAInside for mods. Always just assumed that it was one of those smaller sites like the GTA V Nexus that nobody uploads to that much. Sounds like Baka's pack is a sort of hidden gem, definitely going to try it out.

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