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  • Hi folks :) I want to apologize if I have not posted to the right place.
    But at the base I speak only French Xd
    So I have a problem. As in the title I am ban of GTA V ONLINE on PC :(
    I would like to know if this is a way to get off gta V online because I'm sad to be ban and in addition to having my account at 0 ...
    Voila voila thanks for your answers :)
    (Text translated with a translator ^^)

  • @MrXime If you are banned permanently, you better start playing SP. Otherwise after the ban time, you will be able to play online - from the beginning.

  • I'm ban 1 month. No way to remove the ban?

  • @MrXime No, we have no way of unbanning you from GTA: Online

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