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  • how work the coauthor system, I mean can they edit the mod page ?
    Can we already change file with other modders ?

  • @Shaezbreizh It's currently not possible, sorry

  • @rappo and about Other author profile ? I mean i've added a name to the author but its link to my profile only ;S

  • @Frazzlee damn ;S

  • @rappo I think it's something needed even if your poll didn't show it.
    I know and i totally understand that it's not as ez that it seems but would favorise Multiple Author to work together wich would lead to much more complete mod if the greatest modder are working together
    and would maybe avoid some trouble ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh Honestly from what I've seen, this would create even more issues. Imagine two people are working on a mod, they upload it together, and then they have some sort of fight and the each come here to try to edit the mod page and remove the other person.

  • @rappo well you're right on this i'll not have think to a such thing ;S
    but maybe a requirment of coauthor approval could avoid this ?
    Also, I'm not talking about that only, but also about get access to the other authors profile cause I feel some people refrein to teamwork cause they'll not be credited as the first uploader (without real reason since we can put other author link but that how some people seems to think xS).

    anyway, i'll not argue for years with that , i guess it's a complex thing, and you surely have better thing to do that are more important for now
    I just want a welded communty cause it could lead to better mod, so for me it will be something to think about but it can clearly wait ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh If developers want to work in a team there are distributed versioning systems like git and git repository hosters like Bitbucket and github. This is not only suitable for joined programming efforts (however the main reason) but for all kind of files. Just google the bold printed keywords for more information. :slight_smile:

    If developers even want to work in a team is a whole different story. Developers are like artists. We all have our own way of doing things like a painter has his unique way of swinging the brush. Even professionals have different opinions about how to approach solutions and which software architecture they think fits best. One everlasting conflict, for example, is whether a "test first" approach is the best. There are clean code developers (like myself) and so called duct tape programmers (they call themselves pragmatic programmers). They get things done more quickly but their code is a mess and hardly maintainable. Personally I wouldn't want anyone to mess with my code.

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