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Menyoo error

  • Hello. After I play gta 5 like for 5-10 minutes I'm getting this error alt text what could be the problem? I always used manyoo on my modded gta 5 game and there was no error and now I'm using it with clean game and getting error. When I press OK then error dissapears and I can continue to play and menyoo is working.

  • means the second thread crashed
    so it could be:
    torque mult
    flamethrower stungun
    tv player
    one of the 'online' player toggles
    light gun
    auto kill enemies
    yacht builder
    manual respawn
    magnet gun
    inf rocket voltic boost
    cash bag protection (Which should be off in the config btw, make sure of it)
    so figure it out idk

  • @Exorcist Ive had this issue but menyoo would stil work for me

  • Yes work for me too when I turn off error

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